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About SSR Now

Steering You in the Right Direction

With over 18 years of proven success, SSR’s patented “Sprayless” process helps dealerships and retail customers perform expert repairs on chips, scratches, and blemishes. Our four-year guarantee enforces SSR’s qualities of not falling out, washing out, or coming off from a power wash-off.

SSR Now in Lewisville, TX
SSR Now in Lewisville, TX

SSR Offers Ample Business Opportunity!

For existing businesses and independent entrepreneurs, SSR offers an efficient way to sell SSR to body shops, car dealers, management companies, and more. It’s a tremendous business opportunity that will help businesses cut vendor costs and establish a heavy stream of revenue. Learn more here!



”What Is SSR Made From?"

SSR is a mixture of proprietary, patented chemicals, and pigment mix.


”What Is The Average Repair Time?”

Single scratches can be repaired between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. Hoods can be repaired in around 15 to 20 minutes, and a complete “walk-around” of a vehicle with scratches on every panel in around 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

”How Long Will The Repairs Last?”

We offer a four-year guarantee to our customers. SSR will not fall out, wash out, or even power-wash out. Guaranteed!

”Will It Repair Really Deep Scratches?”

SSR will put paint in the scratch. How good the repair is will have many dependencies, such as if primer or metal is showing, or a scratch with severe width. SSR will not repair to perfection. That is considered a body-shop-required repair; however, SSR will fill the deep scratch up to 80%. It will seal and protect the area from further damage, i.e. from rust.

In a nutshell, SSR will repair about 80% of what you come across.


”What's It Like On Chips?”

When it comes to “totally peppered” hoods, SSR is totally unrivaled! The results can only be described as breathtaking. I’ve repaired many of otherwise unsalvageable hoods, and SSR never fails to impress me! Every time!

Okay, it won’t repair large chips – this is still a body-shop-required repair. SSR can give an 80% fill, seal and protect it while saving your deductible. Remember, we are continually working on a solution for deep scratch and large chip fill.


”What's It Like On Silver?”

SSR is fine on silver. You certainly have to be pretty close with the color, but yes, SSR will repair silver, again depending on the width and depth of the damage.

”Why Do You Use Black Paint On A Green Panel?”

When using SSR, exact color match is not essential. It’s all done by the method, selecting a color that is darker if the panel is dark or same as color if the panel is light.

SSR black is probably the most versatile color we have; it can be used to repair any black, dark blue, dark gray, bronze and dark green, etc. Amazing, isn’t it?

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